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-Is it legal to use Mosaic?
-Yes, 100%! Mosaic resizes, reorders your tables but does not have any feature forbidden by any poker site!

-Is it safe to use Mosaic?
-Yes, totally! Mosaic is developed by Valdemar “Luigi da BP” Kwaysser and 11-times P5′ Triple Crown winner “Belabacsi” who have been on the online poker scene for over a decade now.They are really proud to share this useful tool. Also the software is checked and verified by XDS.

-I still haven’t recieved my license code, what shall i do?
-Please be patient , it may take a few hours to deliver the code.

-I have Mosaic 1.0 license, do I need to buy license for Mosaic 2?
-No, You don’t need to buy anything, old Mosaic licenses are automatically updated to Mosaic 2 free of charge!

-I’ve encountered a problem, what should i do? How can i get help?
-Please send us your feedback (ALT+F hotkeys by default) from Mosaic client or contact us on skype: support-poker-tech!

-I’m afraid of misclicks caused by sudden reordering, does Mosaic have any protection against that?
-Yes, You may set a few seconds delay on ordering in Settings/Tile warning.

-How can I download the User Manual?
-Just click on this link!