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Luigi da BP and Belabacsi are mtt-grinders for more than a decade now.

They know how important it is to play in all the major networks. In 2015 they realized the solutions available helping multi-network grinders are quite poor, so they decided to develope Mosaic, a professional multi-network table organizer. The main features of the first release were automatic table organization and table ranking based on the size of the big-blind or on the level of the buy-in. Optional warning and delay on ordering, user-defined layouts, room-specific sizing limits were also well appreciated features.

Based on the numerous feedback they improved the product and released Mosaic 2 in 2016, adding features, coloured borders for special types of tournaments (PSKO/SKO/Satellite). More steady grid (optional hole in grid when table is closed), improved drag&dropping, refined ruling system for multi-display distribution, full support for 888, Microgaming and Windows10.

Valdemar and Peter have numerous ideas how to make Mosaic even better in future and they would love to hear any feedback on the product, so please do not hesitate to contact us!